Conditioner bar ‘Let’s Go Coconuts’ from Savonke

10,00 incl. btw



The Let’s Go Coconuts conditioner bar fromSavonke is made by ourselves in De Groene Stadshut!

Our conditioner bars do not contain preservatives, silicones, pearl legs or artificial colors. They have not been tested on animals.

INGREDIENTS: BTMS 50 (plant-based emulsifying wax), cetyl alcohol (derived from coconuts), cocoa butter, coconut oil, essential oil.
The packaging is compostable and made from agricultural waste.

Did you know?

Conditioner bars are more environmentally friendly and cheaper in the long run than normal conditioners.
Coconut oil is the magic ingredient for all hair treatments. It hydrates better than anything and makes your hair nice and soft. Thanks to this sustainable coconut bar, your hair will shine!

How do you use it?

• Use the conditioner on wet hair, immediately after washing your hair. Squeeze excess water from your hair.
• Rub the conditioner bar directly onto your hair or between your hands. Spread the conditioner over your hair.
• Leave on for 1 to 2 minutes.
• Rinse well.
• Store the conditioner bar in a dry place.

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Jasmine, Vanilla, Odorless