The Workshops

Starting from the filosophy of living a more sustainable life, these workshop will inspire you to live a more conscious life and consume less. Rediscover the joy to create, repair and reuse things instead of always buying new items. The workshops are given by Maya Van Treeck and will give you a boost to try making things yourself at home.

Following a workshop allows you to try out something new and discover new ideas and subjects. A workshop is more interactive than a normal course, which makes it easier to get to know other people.

When subscribing for a workshop, you will receive an e-mail with more detailed information.

Examples of sustainable workshops:

  • Making soap
  • Sustainable cleaning products
  • Weaving with bike tubes
  • Fermentation for beginners
  • Gift wrapping: Furoshiki and Paper Bags
  • Upcycled scrapbooks for paperlovers
  • DIY deodorant, bodyscrub & lipbalm

Subscribe for one of our workshops underneath or ask for a private workshop for groups from 4 people (birthday, bachelor party, activity with friends, …). Our workshops can be thaught in English, Dutch, Spanish or French. They are also available for kids.

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