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Workshop verzorgingsproducten maken in Antwerpen

Leer tijdens deze leuke workshop om zelf verzoringsproducten te maken!

Tijdens een workshop verzorgingsproducten maken, leer je om zelf lippenbalsem, bodyscrub en een verzorgende handenzalf te maken. Met jouw zelfgemaakte cosmetica zullen je lippen, handen en lichaam nooit zo verzorgd en zacht hebben aangevoeld. Als je verzorgingsproducten maakt, kies je zelf welke ingrediënten je gebruikt. Dat kan goed van pas komen bij allergieën of een gevoelige huid. Het is niet enkel fijn voor je huid. Je kan ook vrienden en familie verwennen met leuke en originele cadeaus!

Volgende workshops lippenbalsem, bodyscrub en handenzalf maken in De Groene Stadshut:

Iedereen kan meedoen, dankzij de eenvoudige recepten

Deze laagdrempelige workshop geeft jou het duwtje in de rug om de recepten nadien thuis alleen te maken. We gaan aan de slag met eenvoudige recepten en kiezen er bewust voor om met ingrediënten te werken die je thuis al hebt staan of gemakkelijk in de winkel vindt. Volg een workshop met een vriendin, als koppel of alleen en leer nieuwe mensen kennen!

Schrijf je in voor een workshop "Maak je eigen lippenbalsem, bodyscrub en handenzalf" in Antwerpen op:

Of organiseer een privé workshop met vrienden of familie, voor een verjaardag, een vrijgezellenfeest, met collega's, als team building, ... Stuur een vrijblijvend mailtje naar info@degroenstadshut.be voor meer informatie!

Zoek je een workshop om iemand anders blij mee te maken? Dan kan je bij ons een cadeaubon kopen.

Rewiews van onze klanten:

De Groene Stadshut
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Ilse BerghmansIlse Berghmans
18:38 24 Mar 24
A nice experience to ferment your own vegetables together with other nice people who also find healthy food important...Based on her extensive experience, Maya clearly guides you on how to fill your jar of goodies.You can of course find this on the internet or in countless books, but a workshop of a few hours, where you will immediately receive a clear answer to all your questions, is a wonderful way to get started right away!Ilse
Victoria HendrickxVictoria Hendrickx
16:21 19 Mar 24
Very pleasant and relaxing workshop (DIY lip balm workshop) - highly recommended!
Carmen CabelloCarmen Cabello
13:54 18 Jan 24
I recently followed a chakra healing session with Maya. I didn't really know what to expect but hoped for a lot 😊. It all came true. Maya explains to you in advance what will happen. It is a special, wonderful experience. Afterwards, over a cup of tea and a nice conversation, Maya will give you additional tips on what you can do yourself to remove certain blockages. I really felt so much better and I will definitely go back. Thank you Maya!
Karine JongeneelenKarine Jongeneelen
08:49 09 Jan 24
By chance (is there a coincidence?) I ended up on the site of the Green City Hut. I was triggered by the chakra healing even though I had no idea what to expect. After my first chakra healing, I left Maya as a completely different person. It was like walking through the city on a pink cloud, the whole time with a smile on my face. I can assure you, that was years ago. Maya had said that I would feel for myself whether I needed another healing. 4 months later I went again. How I have changed in the meantime. I feel I am improving in all kinds of areas. Medically I am doing so much better (less allergies, fewer migraines, less rheumatism...) but I am also so much stronger mentally. For me, 2023 was the year of change. I am extremely grateful to Maya, also for the pleasant conversations afterwards, and I can really recommend her. Give it a chance!
Anne VdVAnne VdV
15:34 29 Oct 23
Interesting workshop 'Fermenting vegetables' by a friendly coach in a great group: highly recommended!
Amelie BoeynaemsAmelie Boeynaems
18:11 16 Oct 23
We attended a workshop here on Sunday morning.We were able to sustainably make our own shampoo bar, clay mask and massage praline. Everything was explained very clearly and we also received a lot of extra information.We had a good time and learned a lot.I highly recommend this!
Ellen DierckxEllen Dierckx
15:41 11 Sep 23
Super fun experience. Maya is very friendly and explains everything well. Definitely worth taking a fermentation workshop!
19:06 03 Jul 23
A very nice workshop behind us! We were warmly welcomed and were introduced to making a shampoo bar, clay mask and massage praline and clay mask in a quiet, relaxing way. Very nice experience and definitely recommended as an activity (e.g. on a bachelor party like ours)!
21:13 10 May 23
We had a very nice shampoo bar, massage praline and facial mask workshop given by Mieke. Got a lot of interesting tips. It's also nice that it doesn't require too many different ingredients. Nice and relaxing place in the city!
Co Van KerckhovenCo Van Kerckhoven
17:36 26 Apr 23
The fermentation course for beginners is really ideal if you want to take your first fermentation steps. It was fun with a small group of 8 people, there was plenty of room to ask questions, and it was also great that we received the most important fermentation information digitally afterwards.
Tetty KayeTetty Kaye
10:18 11 Apr 23
Maya is a super nice and enthusiastic teacher. Learned so much about soap making in a short time!
Eva Van BaelEva Van Bael
16:00 18 Mar 23
Very nice workshop location with nice guidance!
Ellen De ClerckEllen De Clerck
07:39 11 Mar 22
What a fun workshop! Warmly welcomed by hostess Maya with a delicious cup of tea and a chocolates. Maya's passion for ecology and a healthy lifestyle is infectious. We attended the Fermentation workshop. Learned a lot. De Groene Stadshut is really worth a visit. We will definitely come back.
19:53 24 Mar 21
Such a great cosy spot and amazing for finding gift ideas ❤️💡